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Top 20 Characters – Restrictions Added
Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Monday, July 28 2003 @ 8:32 AM.
You can now restrict the Top 20 Characters to a selected Race and/or Class.

Also, you can now display top Character Levels.

Top 20 Characters Added
Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Sunday, July 27 2003 @ 9:05 AM.
I have added a new Top 20 Characters feature.

Currently, you can view the Top 20 Characters of each STATISTICS or SKILLS.

I will be adding more categories, such as Level per Race/Class soon.

What is Ahead…
Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Monday, July 7 2003 @ 3:37 PM.
In the upcoming weeks, the following features will be added to the Web Site:

  • Monsters Directory (What they carry, where they are found)
  • NPC Directory (What they do, what items they sell [if any], where they are found)
  • Zones (What each zones have)
  • Recipes for Crafting (Tailoring, Armorsmithing, Fletching and Weaponsmithing)

Please add Missing Items to the database. And, be sure to indicate the wearable location if you can wear the item.

Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Saturday, May 24 2003 @ 10:34 PM.
I made a few changes today to the system :

– Removed the Record Setting (Stats/Skills) from the Edit Character. Now, it will automatically record the stats/skills if you edit your Character. It was confusing people more than anything else…

– Added a Delete Character Feature

– The Quests Area, by default, is no longer displaying walkthrough/reward of quests

Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Wednesday, May 21 2003 @ 7:01 AM.
Welcome to the opening of the TOGRC – Rubies of Eventide section.

This is still under heavy construction but you can get a good idea of what will be available.

Over the next few days, many new features will be added and current ones will be enchanted.

If you are playing on the commercial server of Rubies of Eventide, you can add your Character to the Directory.

If you would like to help to develop this Web Site by providing information (such as items), please send an E-Mail. Any help will be greatly appreciated.