Siege of Avalon

Posted by Maniac1688 (SoA Helper) on Thursday, March 27 2003 @ 3:39 AM.
Serial Bugs, Hacking, and more!

This is Maniac1688, I just wanted you to know I’m back, with a vengence… not really, but still, because of a problem I will not be able to get past chapter 1 so I cannot help Moonlight, if it is resolved, I will tell you. But what I can do is help you people Hack into the game, which is fun. I can do alot of things, create items, edit NPCs, etc. Im working on Creating NPCs, but I can still help you out! Just use the BBS to talk to me under the new Hack section

Posted by Maniac1688 (SoA Helper) on Thursday, March 27 2003 @ 3:38 AM.
Serial Bugs, Hacking, and more!

This is Maniac1688, I just wanted you to know im back, with avengence… not really, but still, because of a problem i will not be able to get past chapter 1 so I cannot help Moonlight, if it is resolved, I will tell you. But what I can do is help you people Hack into the game, which is fun. I can do alot of things, create items, edit NPCs, etc. Im working on Creating NPCs, but I can still help you out! Just use the BBS to talk to me under the new Hack section.

Chapter 5 Walkthrough Completed
Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Wednesday, March 6 2002 @ 1:48 PM.
The walkthrough of Chapter 5 is now completed. If you find any error or missing information, please post a Message in the Message Boards.
Chapter 5 Walkthrough
Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Sunday, March 3 2002 @ 11:35 AM.
A partial walkthrough of Chapter 5 has been made available. Over the next few days, the walkthrough will be updated with missing information.

Also, the Awards & Titles and Spells Listing pages have been updated with information from Chapter 4 and Chapter 5.

Walkthroughs Updated and Chapter 4 Walkthrough Added
Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Saturday, February 9 2002 @ 11:04 PM.
The Chapter 4 walkthrough is now available. It does not have the Scout specific quest information. If someone could E-Mail me the detail about the Scout Quests (or what to change in the walkthrough), it would be greatly appreciated.Also, the walkthroughs of the Chapters 1 to 3 have been updated to include all the items in the Anthology CD version and some errors were fixed.

Chapter 5 walkthrough should be available in a few weeks.

What is happening
Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Wednesday, January 30 2002 @ 3:42 PM.
Over the past few days, I have started back playing the game from Chapter 1 using the Anthology CD version.As you probably notice, I am updating the items database with the CD-only items and fixes some errors from the database.

Also, I am taking note to update the walkthroughs to be exact with the CD content. But, the walkthroughs will only be posted to the Web Site once I complete all of the walkthroughs.

I am near the end of the Chapter 3 and will soon start Chapter 4+. That means, the walkthroughs of Chapter 4+ will soon be available.

I am devoting a lot of time to the game so I can finish it to have a game-complete information and walkthrough site.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions regarding the game, please post your question(s) on the Message Boards. That way, everyone will know the answer.

I would like to thank Rae Barent for sending me saved games for Chapter 4 (Scout) and Chapter 5 (Mage). The saved games will be useful for me to enter class-specific content for Chapters 4 and 5.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for visiting the site and to encourage me to do the remaining chapters content on the site.

Chapter 3 Completed
Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Tuesday, July 31 2001 @ 11:50 AM.
All the content of Chapter 3 has been added to the Database.

The Walkthrough of the 3rd Chapter is now available.

If you find any errors on the site, either in the database or the walkthrough itself, please post a message in the Message Board.

Finally, if you have a Saved Game after Chapter 2 or Chapter 3 for either a Scout or Mage, please send the Saved Game by E-Mail at This will be very useful to be able to add class restricted content from the future chapters (4,5 and 6).

Chapter 2 Completed
Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Thursday, July 19 2001 @ 10:19 PM.
Finally, all the information of Chapter 2 has been added to the database, including game map images.

Also, the Walkthrough for the Chapter 2 has been completed. Check it out if you are stuck in Chapter 2 or you are wondering if you have missed something.

Content for Chapter 3 will be available in a few days…

New Staff Member
Posted by Mallic on Thursday, June 7 2001 @ 5:39 PM.
I just signed on to help update and maintain the site. if you have any question or comments post us a message on the board.
Newest Staff Member
Posted by stormyfc (SoA Research Assist) on Tuesday, June 5 2001 @ 11:39 PM.
I have been added to the Research staff for Siege of Avalon.
Chapter 1 – Walkthrough Updated and Content Complete
Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Saturday, April 21 2001 @ 7:41 PM.
Finally, the Chapter 1 information has been updated.

The Walkthrough is now updated to fix some errors in the Walkthrough and the order of events has been changed to make less trips to the Outer Keep and the Village.

Also, all the NPC information has been updated and the items that they are wearing (or the map has) has been added.

Unlike before, all duplicated copies of a hostile NPC has been merged into one. If an important item is found on a NPC, the map name is showed.

The Chapter 2 content will be updated over the next few days. Stay tuned.

We are not dead!
Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Saturday, March 3 2001 @ 7:46 PM.
Good News!

I am in the process of updating the Siege of Avalon section and add the missing information from Chapter 1 to Chapter 4.

To do the update, all “NPC” and “Link References” have been removed.

Sorry about this, but it is to make sure everything is correct and to allow me to do some changes on how things are stored.

This will takes a few days to have everything updated.

Siege of Avalon Update, plus Screen Shots
Posted by James@DigitalTome (Digital Tome) on Saturday, October 28 2000 @ 1:51 PM.
Episodic Game Novel ™ remains fresh and new 🙂

Digital Tome has released new updates to Chapter 2 of Siege of Avalon, mostly to address map loading issues. The Web site has also been updated to include new Screen Shots of the soon-to-be-released Chapter 3 on the Gallery page.

Visit for all the details.

Latest News
Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Tuesday, October 24 2000 @ 9:22 AM.
The Chapter 2 walkthroughs and general contents (maps, npcs, items) should be completed next weekend.It is my mid-term Exams period and I haven’t had a chance to work a lot on the Web Site.

Chapter 3 should be released around October 27.

New Update for Chapter 1 Released
Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Tuesday, October 10 2000 @ 10:21 AM.
The latest update for Chapter 1 is now available and fixes problems for some quests and also the Sir Roth problem at the end of Chapter 1. Here is what has been posted on the Official Site :

   Sir Roth, you’ve met your match! This is a “special” version of our updater, it actually can get in and modify your Save Games so that they won’t interfere with your attempts to play through to Chapter 2. If you’ve already installed Chapter 2 then you’ll need to launch this special update by clicking HERE. Otherwise, the “Update” button on your “Digital Tome Game Loader” should grab this update for you (or send you to the Update page if your copy is really old). This is the full current “Content Upgrade” for Chapter 1 (Rev. 001008), all the dialog/quest/etc refinements, plus the obedience training for Sir Roth so you can get past him.

Tonight or tomorrow, I will go through the Chapter 1 once more and update the Walkthrough if the bugs have been fixed.

Chapter 2 – Released and Upcoming Patch Information
Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Monday, October 9 2000 @ 9:08 PM.
The official site of Siege of Avalon has been updated to announce the availability of Chapter 2.

  Chapter 2 RELEASED: We could not maintain a stable link to Digital River’s upload system (they said this is a bad time of day to upload) so we posted to our own server first (good news for pre-order customers) and are working with Digital River to get this copied to their system.

  • Chapter 2 IS now ready for download if you already purchased the subscription or the Chapter. Your original purchase put a link in your start group (where you go to launch the game) that will connect you to the special Web page to get your download. You can now use that link. Be sure to click “Register” on the Digital Tome Game Loader as you are starting the updated game to enter your personal serial number (it was emailed to you when you purchased) so that the game will advance to the next Chapter without delay. ENJOY! 
  • We’ll get the Digital River interface running ASAP for all you new customers!

  Chapter 1 Schedule: We will be posting a new update for Chapter 1 (Rev 1008) probably later tonight. Lot’s of loose-end cleanups, no need to replay any part of the game for this.

  Chapter 1 Save Game Patch: If you have a Save Game near the end of Chapter 1 (which you’d use to quickly launch you into Chapter 2 once it is installed), and you encountered the problem where Sir Roth would not talk to you and let you finish the Chapter, we have a special Save Game Patch tool that will allow you to finish that Chapter without playing over. We’ll post more information here later tonight after the 2 issues above are resolved.

Over the next few days, the Web Site will be updated with Chapter 2 content.

Chapter 2 is here!
Posted by Maniac1688 (SoA Helper) on Monday, October 9 2000 @ 6:02 PM.

Chapter 2 is now available! With new areas, New monsters, new items, and new people! Also these new features… Partying- You can now have NPCs join your group. You can command them and even control them! More music- great new tunes to fight, walk around, or just to listen to! And a few more small enhancements! WARNING: MUST HAVE SPECIAL FEATURE PACK TO PLAY!

Print Item Detail – Modified
Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Monday, October 9 2000 @ 9:26 AM.
The “Print this Item” feature on Items Detail have been enhanced to now display the Maps that the NPC that carries the item is normally located.This way, you can easily know where to look for the item exactly and in less steps, since you will not have to look in the NPC information just to find where he is located.
Equipment Database – Updated
Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Sunday, October 8 2000 @ 6:58 PM.
I have updated all the items in the Database to match the value found in the Feature Patch. Nearly every items have changed stats and some items were also removed.Items that can only be found by “player pox cheat” can only be found if you do a listing of “All” items since they are part of no Chapter listing.
Print Detail – Feature Added
Posted by Moonlight (Web Manager) on Sunday, October 8 2000 @ 1:47 PM.
You can now Print the Detail of an Item, NPC or Map. This page is formatted to be printed without any extra such as the ads, menu on the left and instead of showing a ‘selection list’ for related information, it is displayed as 1 entry per line.